21 Day Sugar Detox Day 1

Today is day 1 of my 21 Day Sugar Detox. At least that is my plan. I have had a few things come up that may make this a practice run instead of the real deal. I will be traveling for work next week (which I found out about last week) which will make things more difficult since I won’t have as much control over what I eat. I am also starting on nightshift (6pm-6am) which messes with my sleep patterns and I am not sure how it will go with messing with my eating as well.

So far so good though! I stayed up all last night prepping my first few days of meals. I have buffalo chicken egg muffins, mustard glazed chicken thighs, and mini mexi meatloafs in my fridge.

For breakfast (at 2pm…) I had two of the buffalo chicken muffins, a cup of sauteed spinach, and half of an avocado with my coffee and almond milk. Even though the book says to limit caffeine intake I think going on nights is an acceptable exception and I’ll have a latte later.

I’m bringing some chicken thighs and a mini mexi meatloaf to work to eat later along with some yogurt with “banola” homemade “granola” I made from the book last night. It’s basically nuts and seeds tossed in almond meal, banana, and cinnamon.

I’m excited to see how this goes!!


One thought on “21 Day Sugar Detox Day 1

  1. PumpkinSauce says:

    buffalo chicken egg muffins. I have no idea what that is, looks like, or tastes like. all I can think of is buffalo wings, deviled eggs, and muffins, all mixed together. and it sounds awesome.

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